What if tech was permanent?


What is the true value of atmospheric Carbon?


When does human suffering outweigh the benefit of rare earth elements?


Who is qualified to decide dilemmas of externality?

Now there's a permanent battery, and we're bringing it to all new uses.

The new Calcium-based battery chemistry from MIT will revolutionize the economic viability of large battery systems, and we're porting these systems to places where never used before.

Batteries aren't very energy dense, a big problem for heavy vehicles.

Hybrids outsell Pure Electric Vehicles 2 : 1

The chart to the left is the amount of fuel consumed to move cargo by CSX trains as found in their yearly ESG reports.

They have reported significant improvements in efficiency just by improving existent ICE technologies.

Industrial ICEs are still improving, so let's take advantage where they make sense.

Curious to see where this is going?

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